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New Features – Agentilo Mobile 1.3

Agentilo Mobile 1.3 is Windows 10 compatible!

Version 1.3 of the Agentilo Mobile software comprises new functions, which open up new possibilities for the design of visualisation and control applications.

A new feature, “embedded site,” enables you to integrate into your tailor-made visualisation external web-content like

  • YouTube videos,
  • an internet-managed calendar for mobile use,
  • an IP-camera for remote monitoring of your entrance door,
  • multimedia applications,
  • a route planer, traffic news etc.


The number of possible applications is virtually infinite.

What is more, you’re in a position to toggle within one control element  (see image) between alternate contents, say, between cameras positioned at different places on your premises.

Also, Agentilo Mobile 1.3 enhances your visualisation through optimal scaling: depending on your prompt, a side is automatically adjusted to fit your screen’s height and breadth, either by being stretched appropriately or in such a way as to maintain the ratio of the sides.

In addition, the following features have been added:

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Light+Building 2016

Visit us at the Light+Building 2016, Hall 8 Stand F98, from March 13th to 18th 2016 in Frankfurt. In addition to our Agentilo Mobile visualization we will present our latest developments concerning KNX Web services, energy management and Cloud visualization.

Would you like to arrange a personal conversation and a meeting at the exhibition? We cordially invite you to visit us and to inform you in detail about our products. Please phone us or send an email to office@agentilo.biz.


The Signature of Your Solutions

You’ve got a clear vision of how to automatise a building and control and operate it via remote device?
Agentilo Mobile is the tool that enables you to implement your plan one-to-one.
This includes an accurate visualisation of your solution: wherever you are, your building is with you, at a glance – clearly arranged, graphic, according to your visual needs.
Let yourself be inspired by some of the exhibits in our new showroom – and see how you can create an image of your solution that suits your idea of a helpful rendering.