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Agentilo Alexa Smart Home Skill Architecture

This shows the fundamental architecture of the Agentilo voice control with the Alexa Voice Services. The Alexa Voice Services are part of the Amazon Web Services. This includes the Alexa app, that can connect an Alexa-enabled device, like the Amazon Echo or Amazon Echo Dot, to services of other providers. The Alexa app calls up a dialog of the Agentilo Portal, where the user logs in and selects the installation…

Newly Released: Agentilo Mobile 1.2

The new version’s improvements: HTML Front-end provides charts visualising at a glance archived consumption values and other key data that help you to stay on top of things, Device editor offers a TCP client facilitating connections with external systems, KNX editor features new extensions that are especially useful for energy management. More information is available in our forum.

Get First-Hand Experience of Commercial Visualisation in Black&White

Give it a go, straight away – use your smart-phone, your tablet, your laptop or PC and experience for real what it is like to remote–control a building with the help of our visualisation tool Agentilo Mobile. See how it feels to handle a commercial building with a range of functionalities (lighting, heating, barrier control etc.) in five separate functional sections, comprising administration, training, production, a repair shop, and a…