Real Estate – Owners and Operators

Buildings Shaped to Your Needs

Agentilo software empowers you to

  • shape, change, and operate residential and office buildings according to your vision and needs,
  • create and control your own micro-ambience,
  • give the experience of living and working in a building the character and quality of your choice.

Agentilo enables you to transform a building’s pedestrian components – lighting, blinds, sun protection, heating, ventilation and air conditioning –  into

  • a tailor-made portfolio of functions answering your specific requirements.

Burglary alarm systems, multimedia controls, photovoltaic installations and intelligent electricity meters – the range of potential elements and their portfolio configurations is unlimited – the art of using software to shape a building to your specifications is in its infancy, while already growing fast in its creative powers.

In this manner, a home may be adjusted to the human life cycle and turned into a responsive system that enables, say, older people to live a self-determined lifestyle.

Agentilo® Mobile lends itself perfectly to integrating, visualizing, and controlling the requisite applications.

Businesses and Municipalities

Commercial and municipal applications extend the requirements of residential and office buildings. The key feature are economic considerations and particularly savings which can be achieved by intelligent controls. Examples include the air conditioning of sports halls according to booking schedules,  the air conditioning of hotel rooms depending on reservations, energy contracting, the controlling und monitoring of branches. The automation solutions are ingredients of business processes, that Agentilo® Mobile supports.

Basic System

As a base for automation the building needs a technical basic system. The user benefits from standardised systems, which are supported from many manufacturers. The KNX® system is particularly suitable and is supported in the KNX Association by more than 300 manufacturers, many of them well-known electronic companies. The Agentilo® GmbH is also member of the KNX Association . Agentilo® Mobile provides special support for the KNX® system, but can also connect other systems as needed.


According to information provided by the german Environment Ministry  (, buildings account for 40% of total german energy consumption and nearly 30% of CO2 emissions.
Using intelligent control of building system technology can contribute to the achievement of the climate protection goals.