For System Integrators

Systems Integration

System integratores create suitable applications in the building by linking sensors, actors, devices and subsystems. For example, a window contact can be an element of a temperature control and also help to secure against burglary. Thus, a system integrator can often create an additional value without the need to install additional devices.

Agentilo® Mobile Back-End

Our product Agentilo® Mobile assists the system integrator in his tasks by control components realised in software, for example timeswitches, logical, mathematical and temporal functions, alerts, consumption archives and much more.
These are the features under the hood, which we refer to as the back-end of the system.

Agentilo® Mobile Front-End

Agentilo® Mobile also gives the application in the building a face, that is the front-end of the Agentilo® Mobile system. The system integrator flexibly creates individual user interfaces for the users of the building, without compromising too often, using a schematic solution. This flexibility is a strength of the Agentilo® Mobile system. Another strength of Agentilo® Mobile is the efficiency of the solution for a low-cost realization.

Private and Commerce

In addition to built-in touch panels and desktop systems, the user of the building can use a smartphone or tablet to access his installation on the way via internet. The operator of a building may have a data center where he wants to install the Agentilo® Mobile system as a control center? We support the system integrator in tasks of home automation as well as in industrial applications. The security requirements are an important aspect for us.