AMAZON ALEXA Live: Agentilo Smart Home Skill

You can connect your ALEXA device with an Agentilo Mobile installation and control it.
The Agentilo skill can be found here:

After you have connected your Echo with the skill, let it search for devices. In order to do this, start the search through your Alexa App or simply say “Alexa, discover my smart home devices”(*). You can open a web visualisation of the installation: LIVE Alexa Showroom. The connection with your device will be valid for a few hours, unless you disconnect the device yourself.

At the welcome page, you may say for example (*):

“Alexa, set Garden Blinds to 50 percent”


“Alexa, turn on Indoor Illumination”



(*) Your device could be configured to listen to “Computer” or “Echo” instead of “Alexa”.

There is a complete list of voice commands, which you may use with this installation: Report of voice commands.

Perhaps the display changes as if by magic? May be you are not the only visitor of this installation.
Check it!