AMAZON ALEXA connection dialog

The ALEXA – AGENTILO connection dialog is called from the ALEXA App, when an ALEXA capable device, for example an AMAZON ECHO or AMAZON ECHO DOT is to be connected with the AGENTILO MOBILE Smart Home skill.

The Dialog itself is realised by Agentilo. After the dialog is closed, control returns to the ALEXA App.
This procedure is similar to paying in many web shops, when an online pay service is used.
It is important, that the dialog is completed successfully to connect the device with the skill.
Therefore, we recommend to open links in the dialog only in other browser tabs, or, note the links and eventually open the links later, when then dialog is closed.
Have you been following a link in the connection dialog to reach this site?

The connection dialog can be used to connect an ALEXA capable device with an AGENTILO MOBILE smart home installation.

As an alternative, the device can be connected to an existing AGENTILO MOBILE installation. Then the device, for example AMAZON ECHO, can be used to control the remote installation.

After a few hours the connection is automatically terminated.
Until then, the remote installation can be controlled with voice commands.

We have several servers running for this live test, with several guests connected with each remote installation. You may find that in the live test an installation is changed as if  by magic. Then, another guest may be control the same installation. This can be funny!

You do not need to install anything for this live test, ALEXA does not tell us anything and we do not ask for personal information.

If you like the live test and want to know more, please get in contact with us.

Just send an E-Mail to



If you are owner of an AGENTILO MOBILE installation, then you can connect your ALEXA device with your installation. As a further requirement, you need an account at our customer portal.

Connect to the customer portal with your account.









Then select your project and press >> Submit <<.