Agentilo Mobile



Agentilo Mobile is a modular tool consisting of functional components in the back-end, which can be connected to different technical subsystems.
The technical facilities can be connected to well-known industry standards, using KNX or OPC, so that the use of a variety of different controllers is possible.
Systems with proprietary protocols can also be connected, with a further function module or quite simply by a script.


The user interface in the front-end is independent of the technical protocols of connected devices.
A visualisation project, which generates a HTML5 user interface for the operator devices, is created in the visualisation editor.
The control elements and other graphics, e.g. floor plans, can be positioned freely.
Resolutions and other special features of the devices will be taken into account.
The user interface is optimized for iOS and Android, smart phones and tablets, but can also be operated using PC web browsers.

Our current flyers:

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