NEW: Connecting Agentilo Alexa Smart Home Skill to Alexa Device

In a small series of articles, we show how to use the Agentilo Alexa Smart Home Skill to control the devices of a Smarthome with the aid of Agentilo Mobile by voice.
Locally the devices can be connected either by KNX or e.g. by script.

The first article shows how to connect an Amazon Echo (or other Amazon Alexa enabled devices) with the devices of the Smarthome.
Inside the app, the Agentilo Smart Home Skill is selected and the Agentilo connection dialog is displayed.

In the dialog, the connection is implemented in three steps.

First step: Notes
The first step in the dialog points out that a user needs an account in the Agentilo Customer Portal, in which the Alexa Voice Service must be activated for one or more Agentilo Mobile installations.

Alexa-account-linking step 1

Second step: Login
The user logs in with his access data at the Agentilo Customer Portal.

Alexa-account-linking step 2

Third step: Select installation
The user selects the installation he wants to control with his Alexa device.

Alexa-account-linking step 3

The connection of the Alexa device to the Agentilo Mobile installation is completed with the confirmation of the dialog.