Agentilo Alexa Smart Home Skill Architecture

This shows the fundamental architecture of the Agentilo voice control with the Alexa Voice Services.

Agentilo Alexa architecture

The Alexa Voice Services are part of the Amazon Web Services. This includes the Alexa app, that can connect an Alexa-enabled device, like the Amazon Echo or Amazon Echo Dot, to services of other providers. The Alexa app calls up a dialog of the Agentilo Portal, where the user logs in and selects the installation he wants to control with Alexa.

In the Agentilo Web Services, Agentilo hosts redundant servers for the Agentilo Portal and the Agentilo Speech Server, which integrates Smarthome devices into the voice service.

The Agentilo Mobile software is installed in the Smarthome and realizes a web visualization and the connection to the devices in the building installation. The devices can be connected via KNX, the universal OPC interface and, if desired, via other protocols or scripts.