Get First-Hand Experience of Commercial Visualisation in Black&White

Give it a go, straight away – use your smart-phone, your tablet, your laptop or PC and experience for real what it is like to remotecontrol a building with the help of our visualisation tool Agentilo Mobile.

See how it feels to handle a commercial building with a range of functionalities (lighting, heating, barrier control etc.) in five separate functional sections, comprising administration, training, production, a repair shop, and a warehouse. For first-hand experience of our true-to-life sample in the popular black piano lacquer look, do visit our showroom .

The visualisation is connected to a KNX installation such that controls in the user interface generate KNX telegrams (communication between KNX devices).


The sample is available in different design variants. On an appropriately equipped mobile device, you may conveniently align the visualisation by switching between horizontal and vertical display modes.

22-07-2014-bw-3On detecting the resolution of the mobile device, the visualisation server selects the most appropriate design variant and automatically scales the user surface suitably.

Shortly, we shall add further design variants to highlight the functionality more fully.





The basement in the administrative section of the building holds a boiler room.

22-07-2014-bw-4Our visualisation technology is designed to represent any technical system.

A strong partner in visualising and controlling standard features, such as lighting and air conditioning, Agentilo Mobile is set up to accommodate a wide range of special technical functionality, such as malfunction messages.

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