Time Switch Solutions

We were pleased to present our new timer options at the L+B fair 2014.

The timer switch serves to activate “scenes” – desired conditions – at any chosen time during the day or the week, similar to alarm functions of a smart phone.

However, unlike simple alarms, thanks to our time switch, entire groups of devices can be switched on and off, or set to be prompted by trigger values (percentages, real values) to execute their function in timely and tailored fashion.

For example, blinds may be set to be automatically raised on workdays at 7:00 AM, but not until 9:00 AM on weekends, while for the evening another “scene” may be set to lower blinds at 7:00 PM and decrease the set point of the room temperature.

Our bespoke timer functionality can be conveniently operated via smartphones, tablets and current Internet browsers.

weekly time switch

Agentilo Mobile time switch solutions save costs and increase comfort.

Our timer software represents an attractive alternative to cumbersome and more expensive hardware-based time switches, while ensuring a convenient operating environment based on modern user interface technology.

Without having to change the settings of the overall daily or weekly timing schedule, specific commands can be disabled independently and set to be executed at any convenient point in time; thus, in our example, the blinds may be raised later on in the day, while being controlled from anywhere by a smartphone.

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